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Nowoczesne rozwiązania, zaprojektowane tak, aby zmaksymalizować elastyczność, wydajność i bezpieczeństwo. Cel ten osiągamy poprzez połączenie wysokiego stopnia automatyzacji i stosowania rozwiązań najwyższej jakości.

Automated six press robot transfer lines represent an extremely powerful tool for maximising productivity and efficiency. The high level of automation allows large component volumes to be produced by the minimum number of personnel. An additional feature of these lines is the flexibility accorded by photoelectric light curtain guarding. This gives the ability to operate the line either s a fully automated 6 press line, or as automated 5 press line with a single stand alone hand operated press or even as an automated 4 press line with 2 stand alone presses for secondary op work. It would also be possible to fit each press with its own set of guards to give the maximum degree of flexibility.

A more cost effective method of updating your production set up and increasing efficiency and productivity may be to integrate existing stand alone presses with new presses and transfer equipment. This can give all the advantages of a highly automated transfer line for a much lower initial capital outlay. You can see here two examples of such lines integrating new Seyi presses with older types and varying press to press transfer systems.

To complement the transfer line one or more large capacity straight sided presses with ancillary coil line gives the ability for progressive die operations. Extra flexibility is gained by using photoelectric light curtains on both the front and rear of the straight sided machine, as can be seen here. This gives a useful hand fed secondary operation facility with up to six separate dies being hand loaded from front and rear simultaneously.

A further component of the press shop may be stand alone hand operated medium capacity presses. These machines are optimised for hand operation through use of a photoelectric light curtain with single and double break facility in conjunction with guard muting on the upstroke to maximise productivity.

All machines in the Seyi product range are available with a number of guarding options including electrically-interlocked mechanical rising screen guards, ideal for use with dedicated coil feed or transfer machines or photoelectric light curtains which offer the flexibility to hand operate the press with a single or double break facility. One popular and cost effective solution for straight sided machines is to have a light curtain across the front of the machine and a fixed mechanical guard at the rear.